Our Services

Retirement plans for individuals and businesses. Retirement plans come in many forms, and choosing the appropriate plan requires a thorough understanding of the practical benefits and limitations of each plan type. We evaluate the different plan options with our clients with the goal to find a desirable approach that provides both high value to the participants in the plan (the employees) and affordability and ease of administration for the plan provider (the employer).

Retirement income planning. For most individuals, retirement funding is the single greatest financial challenge they will ever face. A couple retiring at age 65 needs reliable sources income that will provide adequate cash flow for at least 25 to 30 years, while keeping pace with inflation. We provide both pre-retirement planning and in-retirement income strategies to help our clients address this challenge.

Management of client investment portfoliosThousands of investment choices, a constantly evolving economic landscape, and an endless flow of information and opinion create an increasingly complex environment for today's investor. We strive to build a portfolio for each client that is suited to his or her needs for income, growth, and stability. And by continually monitoring the markets, investments, and the client portfolios, we take timely actions to pursue opportunities and to address risks.

Financial risk analysis & management. Risk is best thought of as the “uncertainty of achieving an expected result or outcome.” Many factors can introduce this uncertainty – interest rates, the economy, debt, loss of income, liquidity issues, investment losses, inflation, and taxes to name a few. We employ a diverse set of risk-management tools and strategies to help manage the risks that are necessary for a client to take in order to progress toward their goals, and to identify the risks that should be addressed.

Trust and endowment services. Endowments and trusts are subject to particular rules regarding their governance and the management of their funds. We help develop practices to enhance the purpose or mission of the foundation or trust, and provide ongoing support to see that these practices are consistently and constructively applied.

Life, disability and long-term care insurance planning. Insurance is a vital component of a comprehensive financial planning strategy. Life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance often play an important role in your financial wellbeing. We work with our clients to establish an appropriate insurance budget, and then prioritize the insurance needs to determine a suitable allocation of the budgeted dollars. This process of targeting the priority needs serves to stretch insurance dollars with the objective to help provide more effective insurance protection.

Estate planning and business succession strategies. Preserving wealth across generations, making provisions for those who depend upon you, and providing for the continuation or orderly transfer of business interests require careful planning and advance preparations. Working with our clients' legal and tax advisors, we implement tax-sensitive strategies to help provide necessary estate funds and liquidity.

Gift & charitable investment planning. A great, but at times poorly understood part of our American culture and heritage is our generosity. Giving is an act that enriches not only the recipient, but also the giver as well as our society as a whole. Oftentimes, giving enhances and fulfills other aspects of our clients' goals and objectives. We invite our clients to share with us their vision for giving – be it lifetime giving or testamentary – with the goal to help them make their vision a reality using strategies and techniques to address their giving potential.

College financial planning. The cost of college continues to increase at a high rate and the importance of comprehensive planning, saving and cost-reduction strategies are increasingly important, especially to large families. Fortunately, there are also new resources and techniques available to help families traverse the college funding landscape. We can help you identify traditional and non-traditional college options, assess both long-term and short-term planning strategies and determine non-family resources that may be available to you.