New Hampshire’s “4,000-footers.” June 2021, I summited the last of the 48 New Hampshire 4,000+ tall mountains, ending on West Bond. My first summit was in 1986, so my pace of 1.37 mountains per year wasn’t the fastest, but it was an experience worth the time!

In May 2021, my son, Paul, and I completed our training to become licensed Maine Whitewater Guides. So thankful to share this Intense and challenging experience with my son!

Mt. Washington. This is from the first of three winter hikes summiting Mt. Washington in 2021. On this January day, the peak was clear, calm, and 45 degrees; not your typical winter experience for the place regarded as having the worst weather in the world!

December 2019 – our daughter begins her journey with a man young in age but mature in faith and character.

Section hiking the Appalachian Trail. My sister, Mango (her "trail name"), accompanied me on a 172-mile trek on the AT across the state of New Hampshire.

Inspecting the bees. Our family took up beekeeping in 2002. I’ll be posting more from the apiary at some point – it’s fascinating!

Three of our children traveled to Bolivia visiting family and seeing sights. While I didn’t get to go myself, these pictures from the Uyuni Salt Flats are certainly worth sharing.

Living the Norman Rockwell life!

Kidnapping my wife and spiriting her out of the country, if only to Nova Scotia. Thank you, my love, for the best 25 years (so far) of my life!