JP Pontbriand, CFA

Salem Five Financial is the wealth management division located at Salem Five Bank. JP Pontbriand, as a Clinet Portfolio Manager, provides wealth management, investment advice and financial planning services to individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. Like many of our peers, we utilize an independent platform to provide our clients open access to a broad range of comprehensive investments, insurance, planning capabilities, research, and other institutional resources. And while this helps us to deliver value to our clients, it is integrity, discipline and vision that provide the foundation required to build a relationship of trust.


Our Responsibility 

INTEGRITY: Act in the interests of our clients, providing the relevant information they need to make informed decisions, protecting the confidentiality of the information they entrust with us, and communicating with them on a regular basis to ensure that they are aware of matters of potential interest to them.

DISCIPLINE: Carry out our responsibilities with the highest level of competence by employing sound financial planning principles, utilizing advanced financial instruments and portfolio management practices, and maintaining ongoing education and training.

VISION: Address our client needs individually, developing strategies and plans that recognize their specific goals and priorities.

Invested in You 

We work to uphold a fiduciary standard to act in the interests of our clients, which we believe is addressed by taking time with each client to develop an objective and suitable strategy to address their needs and concerns, and allow them to move forward with confidence and clarity. In most cases, we work on a fee basis paid directly by our clients, receiving no compensation from outside parties; any services that will result in outside compensation are fully disclosed beforehand.